Dinton Pastures Country Park

October 2020  Latest Information & Newsletter Extracts
Jane Wolsey, Webmaster and Newsletter Editor

Many members took holidays in September to various locations round the UK.
My own was in Earnley, West Sussex, with the one week I had intended growing into two because of the lovely weather!
Pictured is my little chalet - and a beautiful sunset on the beach in front of the Park to lift the spirits! See Newsletter.
SPEAKER'S MEETING by Mary Brenchley-Hole, Speakers Secretary

Our next Speaker's Meeting will include a talk, given by Warren Ashton on “METAPHORS, CLICHES AND PHRASES - avoid them like the plague” and will explore Warren's fascination with the English language and the origins and use/misuse of everyday cliches and phrases.

For booking contact,- membershipsecretary@woodleyu3a.org.uk
GROUPS  UPDATE by Paula Dove, Groups Coordinator

The Cycling, Badminton and Guitar 2 groups had their first meetings - thanks to Angela, Linda and David for their work in getting these groups started.
Groups made great use of the last few weeks of summer to meet outside in our local parks and members’ gardens, in small socially distanced groups but obviously as we move into Autumn that will become less feasible.
Lockdown rules continue to change and since the last newsletter we are now permitted to meet indoors in groups of six of less providing COVID-safe procedures are in place.

I have updated all of the group convenors with this information and some groups may now consider indoor meetings if they have sufficient space and their members feel safe to do so. (There are obviously U3A risk assessments to be done to ensure minimum risk).  It is also possible for groups to meet at restaurants and pubs indoors or outdoors in groups of six or less. Do talk to your group convenor if you think it might be possible for any of your groups to try and run face-to-face meetings.  
I will continue to monitor the guidance from U3A National Office and government guidelines and attempt to make sense of it…

Local halls now have COVID-safe procedures in place but obviously can only allow groups of six or less to use them.  I am talking with Woodley Town Council to find out what might be possible.

It always nice to hear of informal get-togethers happening with friends made through Woodley U3A and I expect ad-hoc outings to be arranged with people in the Galleries and Local Trips Out groups in small groups. One of these is the upcoming Walking Tour in Reading. 

Virtual groups are continuing to run successfully for several groups. I was delighted that Shirley was able to offer spaces in the on-line Play-reading group to members on the waiting list.

If you have ideas for new groups that could run during the colder months or if you could help a group you are in to run virtually, then please email me.  Possible ideas for new groups include a jigsaw swap group, on-line Travel group, puzzle group,  or a Culture discussion group to discuss a wide-range of topics including Art, Theatre, Music, Film and Books.  

Contact Paula :

WEBSITE UPDATE - Interests & Activities

The "Useful Links to Ideas for Interests and Activities" section of the website has twelve categories. Choose from Healthy Eating; Exercise, Books and Literature; Music, Films & Theatre; Crafts; Gardening; Games and Puzzles; Learning Online; Around the World; Galleries and Museums; Compters & IT and Science & Technology. Something for Everyone! Click on any of the images to be taken to the categories page.

Within the relevant categories. you will find lots of recipes and exercises for leading a healthy lifestyle; where to gain access to books, music and films for free or via subscriptions you may already have; ideas for a variety of crafts; gardening tips; ways of keeping your brain active; amazing videos of stunning locations/artefacts from around the world; IT support and recent developments in scientific amd technological research.

The Science and Technology category includes key information on Covid 19 research and I would recommend that all members take specific note of reports and updates on the benefits of Vitamin D. These, and other research/developments in the UK and around the world, are presented in well-worth watching daily videos by Dr John Campbell, a former Senior Lecturer in Nursing Studies at the University of Cumbria.

Woodley Library is now open on weekdays from 9am to 1pm purely for returning and borrowing books with other services such as public computer use, study space, and newspaper and magazine browsing not available. However, a large number of online library services, as shown on our website, are still available including ebooks, emagazines, enewspapers and audiobooks.

Click on our website  screenshot on the right for a summary of these online services and information on steps to follow to access the variious online resources.


Woodley Town Centre is open for business to its weekly Saturday Markets and Wednesday Artisan & Produce Markets.

The popular Authentic French Markets make a returned on Friday 4 September. Notifications of future dates wull be provided on the Town Centre website.

The fortmightly Sunday car boot sales have returned - running fortnightly

Access the Woodley Town Centre Newsletter for further information by clicking on the Newsletter image.

It was with real regret that we had to cancel our planned quiz night at Sonning Golf Club on 29 April 2020. Those of you who attended our quiz night in October will remember our fantastic quiz masters, David and Julia, who played a key part in making the evening such a success!

Unable to currently run quizzes at venues around Berkshire, David and Julia have produced Virtual Quizzes that we feel our members may well like to download for their own Quiz Nights.

The quizzes can be done individually, with family members living at home, or "virtually" with other family members/groups of friends. The quizzes are free but members may care to make a donation to the Alexander Devine Children's Hospice charity supported by David and Julia.

To download the quizzes/access further information, click on the image to the right. The link is sometimes a little slow to download, so please be patient.
Annual General Meeting & Election of Officers 7 Oct 2020
At the beginning of our next Speaker's Meeting, we will be holding our first Annual General Meeting via Zoom at 2pm. The purpose of the AGM is to approve the annual and financial reports for the year 2019/2020 and to elect members of the Committee for the year 2020/2021. For details, please refer to the recent email/letter that was sent out by our Chairman, Paul Atkins, entitled Woodley and District U3A: Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020 and Election of Officers.
A full agenda for the short meeting and copies of the annual and financial reports are being sent to all members in the coming week. The AGM will be followed by a talk given by Warren Ashton. Please see below.

Note, If you would like to virtually attend the AGM and the Speaker's Monthly Meeting, you will need to have Zoom installed on your device and register your interest in attending. You will be sent a link and instructions to follow.
See Newsletter (link above).