Dinton Pastures Country Park

It was with real regret that we had to cancel our planned quiz night at Sonning Golf Club on 29 April 2020. Those of you who attended our quiz night in October will remember our fantastic quiz masters, David and Julia, who played a key part in making the evening such a success!

Unable to currently run quizzes at venues around Berkshire, David and Julia have produced Virtual Quizzes that we feel our members may well like to download for their own Quiz Nights. The quizzes can be done individually, with family members living at home, or "virtually" with other family members/groups of friends.
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3 July 2020    GROUPS  UPDATE

Woodley U3A now has a Zoom licence for U3A groups and other activities that enables greater flexibility so now is a great time to get your group running virtually. Please contact Paula, the group co-ordinator, to discuss the possibility. Several members have helped convenors to get their groups running on-line. The Third Age Trust is running small group Zoom tutorials for anyone who wants to learn how to use Zoom. 

Three new groups are in the process of starting up - History Topics, On-line Quizzes and Cycling.
Currently on-line groups with space for new people are Afternoon Film Group, Photography, Discovering Science, Spanish Chat for Beginners, Virtual Days Out and Virtual Gallery Visits.
We still need one or two more members to make an on-line Rummikub group viable.

Some groups are also now starting to meet in small socially distanced groups. This includes Sunday Lunches and two of the walking groups. As lockdown eases, I hope that more groups will be able to meet face-to-face again and guidance for convenors will continue to be updated in line with government and Third Age Trust advice. 

We also hope to start up coffee sessions both virtually and face-to-face - let me know if you would be willing to host one either on Zoom or in your garden or park. Guidance on staying safe while meeting face-to-face will be provided.

As always, contact Paula,
Groupsco@woodleyu3a.org.uk if you have any suggestions, queries or comments about any group items.

   Paula has also produced the latest Arts Newsletter which can be downloaded from the Useful Information Menu page (Arts Newsletter Issue 3).

24 June 2020    Poetry Competition Results from Paula Dove

I am delighted to announce that Hilary Thompson has won the first Woodley U3A Poetry Writing competition with her entry “Eyes of Blue”. The runner-up was Ruth Malton for her poem “Seasons”. 

The winning poem will be published in the July issue of the Woodley U3A Newsletter.

The competition would not have been possible without the expert help of Barry Stebbings in setting up and then judging the poem.

If you would like to develop your poetry writing skills then perhaps you would be interested in joining a Poetry Writing Group. Please email Paula, GroupsCo@woodleyu3a.org.uk if you would like to join such a group.


Our very best wishes for the first Anniversary of Woodley & District U3A. And what a year it has been! 

Following our inauguration meeting on 5 June, 2019, our membership rapidly grew to some 300 members and we now have some 50 groups run by dedicated and very much appreciated group convenors offering a wide variety of activities from Ballroom to Badminton, Cooking to Crafts, Spanish to Scrabble and lots more besides.

We have been fortunate to have had some excellent speakers at our monthly meetings, social meets at The Waterside, a picnic at Dinton, and very enjoyable social get-togethers at our quiz night at Sonning Golf Club, Christmas Extravaganza at Christ Church and Christmas Meal at Toby Carvery.

It has been a real pleasure for us to have been part of developing an organisation which has, from the many kind comments received and from our own observations, had such positive benefits for our members.  However, since March the pandemic has led to millions of people worldwide being affected either physically and/or mentally, socially, financially and indeed through bereavement. This makes it all the more important that, where we can, we continue to support each other (at a distance!), continue to do things or to find new things that interest and absorb us, and to try to focus on the little things that make us happy. We are still unsure when we will be able to resume our full meeting status but envisage a situation where people will eventually be able to get together in small groups, indoors as well as outdoors, while continuing to meet ‘virtually’.

In the meantime, we wish you well and will keep you updated on developments via our newsletter and the website which we recommend checking on a regular basis. I have made a number of additions to the website, which I have explained on Pages 4/5 of this newsletter. Please note that some of the category items are work in progress and those pages show under construction. These will shortly be completed.
Jane Wolsey, Webmaster & Newsletter Editor


Happy Anniversary everyone. Where did the last year go!  In that time, I am truly delighted that we have achieved so much and a very special thanks has to go to the Committee and Group Convenors for all their hard work. Without them, and the enthusiasm and support of all our members, Woodley & District U3A could not have become the successful organisation that it is one year on. Our second year brings many challenges when we all have to look at new ways of doing things but can assure you that we will continue to do our best to build upon our successes!

Note: These Anniversary wishes and the Update on Current Developments also appear on the first two pages of our June Newsletter which can be viewed by clicking on the Latest Newsletter link at the top of this page or from the Useful Information Menu Page. The Newsletter also contains the latest information about : -

Changes in Committee Personnel
Groups (latest update included above)
Important Changes to our Website Useful Information Section including links to:-
- Our Monthly General Newsletters and Arts Newsletters
- Ideas for Interests & Activities (Websites & Videos)
- Information on the Local Area
- The U3A Trust website and their Newsletter.  
Offers of Help
List of Contacts
The quizzes are free but members may care to make a donation to the Alexander Devine Children's Hospice charity supported by David and Julia.

To download the quizzes/access further information, click on the image above or contact Jane via: